The prevalence of self-reporting physically inactive adults by state.

Sorry Mississippi, y’all were #1 with the highest percentage of adults who don’t exercise.

And congrats to Colorado for kicking everyone else’s ass.


The Polykinetics Book making progress, despite no publisher yet!

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Since the very beginning of all of this in 2014, I began doing what I always do best when something obsesses my brain, I write notes and start compiling relevant information that I have zero knowledge of to study later.  Well,  now 6 years later, and I have more than 300 pages of notes and research papers, and scribbles on dinner napkins….all finally coming together in what will be the first edition book on Polykinetics.

I have already made a first and second pass through my collective archive of chaos to find the best pieces of information that will bring an ultimate value to the participant  even when they’re not taking classes to help them start looking at a radical new perspective about fitness and mental health more so than boasting over superficial externals and stroking never satisfied egos.

Tonight, I will continue reading through and editing page after page, adding things here, taking things out, redefining terms, tweaking aesthetics and readability, etc. however…not too bad from a prolific self-purported non-writer.

As for the collaboration offer with Chipmunka Publishing; I have ultimately chosen to take another path; respectfully–However, I wish Jason and all of his future projects the very best.

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What is Circadian Rhythm disorder?


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When I chose to become a dispatcher in 2009, I willingly agreed to go on overnight shifts (3rd shift or “midnights”) because it was the only way I could make a living AND raise my soon-to-be-born daughter. I didn’t realize what an absolute horrible decision it was from the perspective of my mental and physical health……until now…..10 years later.

People are generally aware that if you don’t sleep, you can feel a bit groggy and lethargic—however—not many know of an unfortunate disorder caused by CONTINUOUSLY not getting enough sleep, or sleeping during times that we are not anatomically built for….(daytime sleeping)—You can get what’s called, circadian rhythm disorder, which is a lot worse than some people realize

Real quick if you’re unaware of what circadian rhythm is— It’s the magical internal 24-hour biological clock (similar to the clocks found in computers) that is responsible for regulating our NATURAL sleep/wake cycles and also plays a part in our digestive processes, motor skills, coordination and general cognition; therefore, when that rhythm is thrown off by abnormal sleeping (either by choice or pathology) the result can lead to immediate effects towards physical and mental impairments in school, work and social interactions, as well as:

  • Difficulty initiating sleep
  • Difficulty maintaining sleep
  • Lack of Nonrestorative sleep
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Poor concentration
  • Impaired performance, including a decrease in cognitive skills
  • Poor psychomotor coordination
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Inhibits mood regulation
  • Can cause brain damage by over activating the amygdala where fight-flight or freeze response and aggression lives.

So yea, lots can go wrong when sleep is disrupted or skipped all together, and after an entire decade of having to sacrifice my sleep in order to maintain my employment as a dispatcher, I unfortunately experience all of the above mentioned symptoms either all of the time or the majority of the time. And the worst part is that I am not 100% certain how much neurobiological damage can be reversed if at all. I will unfortunately have to work and wait to know that for sure with my case specifically….luckily according to resent sleep studies, there’s hope for reversing/repairing the damage caused by constant sleep deprivation.

As much as I love and live to help others, I’ve come to realize that there are better ways of still helping others other than working for this company, in this profession…..healthier ways! I know in my heart AND head that I can’t keep going on like this and expect to be wildly successful in my own pursuits.  Just in the last 4 years alone…. I have been hospitalized once for a week and had to increase my anti-depressant medication…TWICE—medically suggesting that these constant overnight shifts, are in fact, setting me up for utter disaster (high risk of depression relapse).

If I stay, I’m doomed to remain on a course to die out little by little and be riddled with regret; which really just makes my decision to take the full-time entrepreneurial leap that much easier because if I’m going to die working for something, I’m going to die fighting for my own ambitions and goals, but not the ambitions and 6-figure salaries and ego strokes of others whom just see dispatchers as nothing more than a “warm body” to fill a chair. Never taking into account all that we sacrifice to make them their money. Fuck that jazz!

Days remaining: 135!




PK S.E.L.F.™ – Sessions for individual health and wellness success.


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This type of training program is geared towards the individual and identifying their unique strengths, weaknesses and challenges.  This program allows for clients to learn all about the Polykinetics technique and The S.E.L.F. Method™ (Simplified, Effective, Life Fitness) mentor program with a Polykinetics Lead instructor, in addition to:

  • Receive first-class educational information from trusted and proven sources of science
  • Clever life hack advice on how to reshape your world to fit you instead of the other way around
  • How to use the Polykinetics technique in daily life despite crazy routines or responsibilities
  • How to find hidden opportunities no matter where you are or what time it may be that collectively maintains energy throughout the day.

This program will also come with a one-on-one weekly/bi-monthly follow-ups via phone or video conference with a Lead instructor to ensure clients are getting the absolute most out of each and every session, as well as, introduce anything new coming to the table, like music inspirations or new kinetic sequences.

PK S.E.L.F.™ is geared towards participants learning how to take their physical and mental health into their own hands.  That’s why it is called S.E.L.F. due to it’s unique properties:

  • SELF-initiating
  • SELF-motivating
  • SELF-regulating…etc.

Ideal for those who prefer to work at their own pace and prefers that personalized/customized approach.  Clients also receive kinetic sequences and a copy of the workout breakdowns so sequences can be collected to make choosing workouts easier and quicker.

And that’s just for starters! — Check out more on the Polykinetics website 

Quitting for good!

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Each day that passes, is another day closer to May 1st, and the more excitedly anxious I am becoming.  May 1st will be the 1st day of a new chapter in my life.   I’m so ready to take this step after probably the longest 10 years of my adult life, only now, I just have to have patience for a few more months; therefore, I am doing everything I can to keep myself occupied on getting things prepared…… quit overnight dispatching for good!

In all honesty, with all the childish antics and ping pong decision making, non-making, power pulls, no incentives to keep their people and the constantly staying up night after night all have really taken their slow toll on my physical and mental health, particularly alarming over the last 4 years with a week long hospitalization and 2-medication dosage increases on my antidepressant….therefore this is no longer about money.  Working this way and in this industry is literally killing me—and If I don’t take the leap from now until May, then I consciously and willingly sentence myself to many more years of my health slowly wasting away little by little….no thank you. I have my last day of dispatching planned for April 27th!

As of right now…..mentally, no longer am I being completely devoted and loyal to a company that doesn’t give a flying fuck about my health and well being; regardless of how hard they try to convince themselves of otherwise.  Proof is in the action, not the word.  So, I can’t WAIT for the day to show my action…..right out of their damn door and directly into my own.

What’s the difference between Polykinetics and Shaun T?

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My favorite and most distinct difference between Shaun T and myself is that my childhood and teen years were spent doing pretty much nothing else other than martial arts, and I’m a former championship Taekwondo fighter and black belt instructor. 

  • Shaun T has a background in dance.   And does dance-style workouts.
  • Polykinetics is not dance or a dance-style workout.

Even though the physiological properties are similar, our perspectives, experiences and individual disciplines couldn’t be any different.

  • Shaun T’s motto:  Get fit or get out! <——I interpret this as “Make me look good so I make my money or fuck off”
  • Polykinetics’ motto: No pain in vain <—– Meaning you aren’t going through bullshit in life for no reason at all. That there is a benefit beyond the bullshit.
  • Polykinetics has the Vertical Core Crunch and Bilateral Forward Punch exercises
  • Shaun T has never even heard of those exercises
  • Shaun T focuses on looking good on the outside
  • Polykinetics focuses on being well from the inside

So as you can see, even though there are some similarities—there are also some stark contrasts between Mr. hip hop feet and myself.

So much more on the line this time.

When you boil it down it really does come down to this…..if I succeed, I’m a genius, and if I fail, I’m crazy/insane/delusional/irrational and a horrible mother for risking my daughter’s well being for my own selfish pursuits and on and on and on…..

I don’t believe that will happen, but then again, life has surprised the fuck out of me before, and so I never assume everything will be perfectly great and all rosy—in fact, I’m beyond scared if I don’t make this work, that I will completely destroy everything I had been working so hard to keep stable to the best of my physical and mental abilities for the last 4 years—and the possibility of such is a very sobering reality.

My next couple steps are going to be rather unconventional, and I know most won’t understand why I’m doing what I plan on doing, but knowing me, these unconventional steps, I believe, are so crazy, that they might actually work.