What’s the difference between Polykinetics and Shaun T?

food hands summer sweet

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

My favorite and most distinct difference between Shaun T and myself is that my childhood and teen years were spent doing pretty much nothing else other than martial arts, and I’m a former championship Taekwondo fighter and black belt instructor. 

  • Shaun T has a background in dance.   And does dance-style workouts.
  • Polykinetics is not dance or a dance-style workout.

Even though the physiological properties are similar, our perspectives, experiences and individual disciplines couldn’t be any different.

  • Shaun T’s motto:  Get fit or get out! <——I interpret this as “Make me look good so I make my money or fuck off”
  • Polykinetics’ motto: No pain in vain <—– Meaning you aren’t going through bullshit in life for no reason at all. That there is a benefit beyond the bullshit.
  • Polykinetics has the Vertical Core Crunch and Bilateral Forward Punch exercises
  • Shaun T has never even heard of those exercises
  • Shaun T focuses on looking good on the outside
  • Polykinetics focuses on being well from the inside

So as you can see, even though there are some similarities—there are also some stark contrasts between Mr. hip hop feet and myself.

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