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Article by: Dr. Marlynn Wei MD, JD

The food we eat can be an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Growing research supports that the quality of our food is not only important to our physical health but also for our mood and can influence depression and anxiety.

Our Westernized so-called “cafeteria” diet unfortunately is calorie-loaded, nutrient-poor, and highly processed, leaving us with extra calories without real nutrition. Animal studies have found that a diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods leads to higher rates of anxiety and depression.

Foods that are high in sugar, fat, and sodium are also very addictive and particularly comforting. In fact, evolution has probably set us up this way. Researchers have even found that high-fat, high-sugar foods or “comfort foods” temporarily improve mood and relieve anxiety and depression but then create a cycle of self-medication with non-nutritious foods.

In contrast, a Mediterranean diet high in fish, olive oil, nuts, and whole grains has been linked to lower rates of depression. One study found thatpeople who followed a Mediterranean diet for 4 years reduced their risk of depression by 40-60 percent. Another study found that using a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and berries called “MIND” (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neuro-degenerative Delay)– a hybrid of a Mediterranean diet and a diet for people with high blood pressure– was linked to lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease.

To check out some great mood-food’s to try, read more here….. !http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marlynn-wei-md-jd/top-10-foods-for-a-better-mood_b_8143346.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living

The “Shawshank Strategy”

In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” –The lead character, Andy, wanted to build-out the prison’s library, and everyone thought it was an ABSOLUTE waste of time; except for him. His intentions were positively motivated, as well as, profoundly focused, and he went forth in writing letters to the state with his request. –In the movie, he writes a letter every week, but initially gets no response; therefore, he persists, and continues to write a letter a week despite the odds against him. When the state finally responded, sending him a small donation…he didn’t stop! He saw that it worked, and he up’ed his ante and began writing them now two letters a week, and after several YEARS, was wildly successful in his pursuits; building an amazing library for the prisoners.shawshank1


–An outstanding story and life lesson on how powerful passionate and persistent people can be when they truly believe in what they are fighting for. I call it naturally, the “Shawshank Strategy”.

Now, I have hit a moment in my journey where I have begun to implement this strategy for the very first time.  I do expect it to take awhile, but I DO expect to eventually get one. Like the character Andy, the odds are against me, but I know what I want, I know what I need, and I know who to set my focus on…..

Where does this confidence come from? It comes from knowing that I am completely obsessed about Polykinetics regardless of how unconventional it may seem to others….how “crazy” I may appear. I understand their perspectives even though I don’t accept them as a reality or fact –This absolutely consumes my entire world; it’s all I think about. I can’t help it!!!!  I’ve even started having dreams about it when I sleep, and most importantly, I know my intentions are pure of heart…they are positively motivated, which alleviates any guilt or shame. I envision all that I am going to accomplish with Polykinetics every single moment I am left alone with my own thoughts because every little bit, even a single thought can lead you down a path of great accomplishments.



First off, I apologize for hounding you with random and various messages about Polykinetics on social media. Therefore, I thought this approach would be more pragmatic and direct with what I have been wanting to tell you since attending your UPW event this past July.

Now I have been designing and developing this mental health focused fitness method since January 2014, and never once did I think of approaching you about it directly….at least not until after I attended your UPW event in Chicago and heard you speak for the first time.  I am still wildly shocked and amazed to this day, not because of what you were saying, but that coincidentally damn near everything you spoke of was identical to what I had been instilling into Polykinetics.  

After seeing enough coincidental correlations and similarities between yourself and the psychology of my method, that’s when I got the idea to take MASSIVE ACTION and to do so…. towards you. –Sorry for using your strategies against you.


For several reasons, but I’ll try to keep this short….

Ultimately, I trust you. You have one of the greatest hearts (for a rich guy) that I have ever come across personally.  You’re down-to-earth, authentic and you deeply care about the well-being of others regardless of differences…a true egalitarian. Not to mention, no bullshitting with you. You have a straightforward approach without being cruel or disrespectful, and my favorite trait, the ability to view the world from a unique perspective, and trust me, those are compounding qualities that are harder to find than the Lost City of Atlantis!

Point blank, try Polykinetics for yourself because no amount of talking from my end will ever convince you to what this method can do unless you experience it first hand. I’ll teach you all that I know and no doubt will you fall in love with this like I did. –And when (not if) you deem it an intangible value, fully ready for its public debut, introduce it to the attendees at future UPW events. Build up an intoxicating energy around it that will make others want to sign up to learn how to become an independent Polykinetics instructor and have them start forming their own classes (Like zumba but better)

  –The volume of people you reach in a single year would take me 10+ years to match! The sooner people discover this method, the sooner there will be Polykinetics classes popping up all over the country and even all over the world. This method has the power to help save a lot of people. Most people with a treatable mental illness never come forth to get help because of stigma, therefore Ive disguised a therapy solution in the form of a fun fitness method with bright colors and lots of music. I dont even need to get into the evidence-based science this method is built off of because it’s staggering! So much prior research…i just simply discovered a unique way of applying it.

Think about it….you had roughly 7,000 people attend Chicago, and mental illness affects 1 in 4 people…do the math Tony. Potentially more than 1,750 people in your audiance has or had a mental illness and I was one of them. Several diagnoses. 

For over 3 years now, I have been designing, researching, testing, making adjustments, retesting, and promoting Polykinetics every single day. Regardless of what life had thrown at me in the process: abuse, marriage loss, displacement and depression. I utilized my own method and it gave me that strength to not give up because of my persostent and congruent belief of the life changing possibilities within Polykinetics. 

 –Looking back at my life collectively, it’s profoundly clear that everything has lead me to this, to this moment, right here, right now ….writing this to you, and doing so with a humbled gratitude for the trials, triumphs and experiences because without them, I never would have created the Polykinetics Method. Best of all, It’s proof that from the darkest challenges, the most beautiful solutions will arise! Now it’s time to introduce that solution to those who need it most! 

Thank you truly….for everything ():-)

Michelle Vargas Polykfitness.com


Polykinetics “Vertical Core Crunch” –Due to the increased range of motion….you workout and strengthen more muscle groups than conventional methods

Target area for conventional crunch exercises (left) in comparison to the modified, VCC exercise used in Polykinetics (right)

Target area for conventional crunch exercises (left) in comparison to the modified, VCC exercise used in Polykinetics (right)



Intense Melodic Fitness Training: Music and Emotions

Just beginning to post as many of my workout sequences as I possibly can, and have them easily available for anyone around the world that may find them to be helpful….whether it’s with weight challenges, or who like me, utilize fitness to keep my mental health in optimal state! This method goes both ways!

So my first video post was “Salvation” by The Cranberries, and this is an older song (90’s kids can feel me) but love the message that is attached to the lyrics….a subliminal message per say.  This is why I chose to use it.  The workout sequence is simplistic yet physically challenging (as some awesome skeptics are just now finding out) and the reason I do this is so that your mind is free to wonder where ever it needs to in order to motivate you to complete the entire sequence without stopping.  This is the beauty within this method.  You get to use whatever is in your head to drive you hard and give these sequences every ounce of physical energy to kick ass in the workout.  –This is how you use pain to empower.  My thoughts can flip through many mental pictures during a single sequence, and the song helps to instill that particular emotion.

Music and physical fitness when sequenced properly can open doors I never even knew to exist, and even more shocked to see such strategies far from mainstream popularity.

“Finale” — Now this sequence is just as simplistic as “Salvation”, yet a bit more complex in composition. Again, finding a sort of empowerment within the song itself to fuel the intensity as reap the most out of every song I complete….are you starting to see the pattern?  Music again being the key to this method…regardless of which sog you choose to utilize. The technique itself, remains consistent.

Today, I am posting my most intense sequence thus far….”Sierra Leone”.  The melodic symbolism surrounding this song goes very deep….it represents a mix of anger and a sense of despair.  Your fists are visuals…one fist standing for “anger,hate,jealousy” and the other for “sadness,guilt,depression”, and how incredibly and physically painful each of these emotions can be if you hold up either for too long in your life.  Therefore, when I do this sequence, I think of all the things that have occurred or that are occurring in my life that would cause these intense emotional reactions and then I push hard to convert that pain into a physical empowerment.  “Sierra Leone” is a great example of how I instill the “intense melodic training” strategy into the Polykinetics method.  

Music is emotionally driven and significant to us all…..this is just a unique way of using that strategy to get people to take action and find a new passion; with fitness and music alike.