PK S.E.L.F.™ – Sessions for individual health and wellness success.


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This type of training program is geared towards the individual and identifying their unique strengths, weaknesses and challenges.  This program allows for clients to learn all about the Polykinetics technique and The S.E.L.F. Method™ (Simplified, Effective, Life Fitness) mentor program with a Polykinetics Lead instructor, in addition to:

  • Receive first-class educational information from trusted and proven sources of science
  • Clever life hack advice on how to reshape your world to fit you instead of the other way around
  • How to use the Polykinetics technique in daily life despite crazy routines or responsibilities
  • How to find hidden opportunities no matter where you are or what time it may be that collectively maintains energy throughout the day.

This program will also come with a one-on-one weekly/bi-monthly follow-ups via phone or video conference with a Lead instructor to ensure clients are getting the absolute most out of each and every session, as well as, introduce anything new coming to the table, like music inspirations or new kinetic sequences.

PK S.E.L.F.™ is geared towards participants learning how to take their physical and mental health into their own hands.  That’s why it is called S.E.L.F. due to it’s unique properties:

  • SELF-initiating
  • SELF-motivating
  • SELF-regulating…etc.

Ideal for those who prefer to work at their own pace and prefers that personalized/customized approach.  Clients also receive kinetic sequences and a copy of the workout breakdowns so sequences can be collected to make choosing workouts easier and quicker.

And that’s just for starters! — Check out more on the Polykinetics website 

Time to have my faith be stronger than my fear because if not, I’m doomed!

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Each day that passes, is another day closer to May 1st, and the more excited-anxious I am becoming.  May 1st will be the 1st day of the next new chapter in my life.   I’m nervous naturally, but ready to take this step, only now, I just have to have the highest degree of patience for a few more months; therefore, I am doing everything I can to keep myself occupied on getting things prepared…… quit overnight shift work for good!

In all honesty, with all the antics and ping pong decision making, non-making, power pulls, no incentives to keep their people and the constantly staying up night after night all have really taken their slow toll on my physical and mental health, particularly alarming over the last 4 years with a week long hospitalization and 2-medication dosage increases on my antidepressant….therefore this is no longer about money.  Working this way and in this industry is literally killing me—and If I don’t take the leap from now until May, then I consciously and willingly sentence myself to many more years of my health slowly wasting away little by little….no thank you. I have my last day of dispatching planned for April 27th after the longest 10 years of my professional life.

What’s the difference between Polykinetics and Shaun T?

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My favorite and most distinct difference between Shaun T and myself is that my childhood and teen years were spent doing pretty much nothing else other than martial arts, and I’m a former championship Taekwondo fighter and black belt instructor. 

  • Shaun T has a background in dance.   And does dance-style workouts.
  • Polykinetics is not dance or a dance-style workout.

Even though the physiological properties are similar, our perspectives, experiences and individual disciplines couldn’t be any different.

  • Shaun T’s motto:  Get fit or get out! <——I interpret this as “Make me look good so I make my money or fuck off”
  • Polykinetics’ motto: No pain in vain <—– Meaning you aren’t going through bullshit in life for no reason at all. That there is a benefit beyond the bullshit.
  • Polykinetics has the Vertical Core Crunch and Bilateral Forward Punch exercises
  • Shaun T has never even heard of those exercises
  • Shaun T focuses on looking good on the outside
  • Polykinetics focuses on being well from the inside

So as you can see, even though there are some similarities—there are also some stark contrasts between Mr. hip hop feet and myself.

So much more on the line this time.

When you boil it down it really does come down to this…..if I succeed, I’m a genius, and if I fail, I’m crazy/insane/delusional/irrational and a horrible mother for risking my daughter’s well being for my own selfish pursuits and on and on and on…..

I don’t believe that will happen, but then again, life has surprised the fuck out of me before, and so I never assume everything will be perfectly great and all rosy—in fact, I’m beyond scared if I don’t make this work, that I will completely destroy everything I had been working so hard to keep stable to the best of my physical and mental abilities for the last 4 years—and the possibility of such is a very sobering reality.

My next couple steps are going to be rather unconventional, and I know most won’t understand why I’m doing what I plan on doing, but knowing me, these unconventional steps, I believe, are so crazy, that they might actually work.

My 1st public workshop and I’m scared sh*tless!

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For the last couple weeks, I have been slowly mapping out the details to eventually produce my very first public training workshop (planned for May), and as an ironic gesture, I’ll be holding it in the same town where a lot of my pain began.  My emotions are all over…..nervous, scared, excited….all at once!

This has been a monumental goal of mine with Polykinetics for the last 6 years to do something like this, however, my social anxiety would always seem to get so severe, progress would always end up halting and then be pushed to the back burner of my mind.

I am hoping, praying and pleading that this workshop will be the magical moment that helps me PERMANENTLY overcome my social anxiety disorder.  I have tried dozens of times of confronting my anxiety in the past (exposure therapy), but it has remained as persistent as I am.  I just can’t seem to shake it, and bringing forth something as odd as Polykientics

Real quick, allow me to clarify that my social anxiety complications do not come from poor self-esteem on my part.  I am a very confident individual, which is why I am able to be as functional as I am, day after day, even though I struggle severely with anxiety.  My social anxiety stems from being bullied by so many different people, and the consequence of that is growing up thinking/feeling/believing that “everyone is a potential physical threat to my well being, and if they don’t like me, they’ll attack me” because that’s how it was in school with my bullies—I would be attacked out of nowhere and presumably for no reason—so yes, my anxiety derives from the perspective of personal safety, not coddling my ego.

One small aspect that is keeping me going……the outpouring of interested people who want to attend the workshop.  It’s exciting to see people excited about a technique that I created in my kitchen after a really bad fight with my ex-husband.  Who knew?  In the first day of announcing my plans to have a workshop, I had a dozen messages wanting to sign up. So let’s hope for an amazing turnouts and the official death of my social anxiety!


Polykinetics is going public despite industry criticism.


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Wow….it’s already been nearly 6 years (on January 10th) since I first began creating this method, and global interest is continuing to grow each and everyday. Each day, someone, somewhere is discovering the power of Polykinetics–In short, I couldn’t be more excited and yet absolutely terrified—therefore, with this type of cross

road there is only one thing I can do, and that is to push through every fear that has been inhibiting my ambitions, and step far outside my comfort zone in hopes of propelling Polykinetics into the mainstream spotlight. I’ve come to realize that there is no “perfect time”, that now is the “perfect time”. My research is iron clad and complete. In addition to, new members on board and a new manager who will be working with me exclusively to reach all the goals we have setup for 2020.

Goal 1.) Polykinetics is going public!

Of all my 2020 goals, this is one I have been constantly working towards and most excited about. I have scheduled a date for the very first public Polykinetics training workshop set for mid-May and held in my hometown.  I have been wanting to do a workshop for some years now, but wasn’t ready for this step, until now.  My goal is to get 10 participants in hopes of recruiting a new instructor. So in a sense, this is a bit of a tryout, as much as a public health event.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of turn out it brings. Preparing myself not to get caught up with quantity, but rather the quality of the information I’m bringing to the table.  I would love for this event to bring forth a mental health profession looking to introduce a new coping method to their patients, as well as, personal trainers and fitness gyms that would look to adopting Polykinetics into their class schedule. I am legit following the same type of steps the creator of Zumba took.  They started with public training sessions and the rest is history. (Yes I still plan on be as big if not bigger than Zumba)

Goal 2.) New weekly sequences (workouts)!

This goal ties into #1 with overcoming fears.  I STILL hate being on camera, however, I know that if this method is going to have any chance at real global success, I have to suck it up, and get my ass on camera, and start talking more about Polykinetics.  I’m not sure whether to do the sessions live streamed or pre-recorded, but leaning towards live. This goal is more terrifying to me than independently hosting an entire workshop. Don’t ask me why. I’m still trying to figure that out.

I guess the fear stems from people judging me, and then passing that judgment onto Polykinetics.  When I first began, I was dismissed by a lot of fitness fanatics due to my larger than average size. When in reality, I’m a former martial artist and single parent with a body full of battle wounds. I’m not a bikini model, and I never will be.  I am hoping my unconventional appearance will actually help encourage more people to participate seeing that I am no different than they are.  It’s a strategy that worked brilliantly in my family’s martial arts school, so let’s hope it has the same effect on Polykinetics.

Goal 3.) UPW event in Chicago with Tony Robbins……again

Not to long ago, I was offered by a publishing company to assist me with writing the book on Polykinetics…long story short….I had to post pone that ambition due to some conflicting information I had received, anyway, the postponement actually made way for me to be invited back to Tony Robbins’ UPW seminar event this July in downtown Chicago, but, the invite didn’t come from Tony this time, but by someone I didn’t expect.  An old high school friend.

You see, little did I know, another horribly bullied classmate of mine, who was a few years ahead of me, grew up to become a brilliant sound engineer and author and happens to do the sound work for many of Tony Robbins’ events.  My classmate friend reached out to me after learning about the unfortunate set back with the book collaboration, and offered to have me meet Tony Robbins’ DJ, Cello, who also happens to be heavily involved in fitness, as well as, the fitness mentor for my former classmate.  This is could be really big, or end up leading to no where at all, but definitely an opportunity I’m absolutely going for regardless of the outcome simply because….you just never know.



–If you are interested in knowing more about Polykinetics, or have some crazy awesome advice….drop me a line!

I promise, no sales pitches, just dynamic discussions about mental health and fitness!

From death to despair to determined!

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I always tell people that my life began at three years old because it was my first trauma in life which was the suicidal death of my dad.  He had what is now known as Bipolar Type 1 with bouts of intense psychosis.  In fact, his illness is how I got my name, “Michelle”.

During one of the “episodes”, I was told that he believed for me to be an actual God-sent angel, reincarnated in human form, sent to earth to protect him; therefore, he named me after Michael the Archangel…and since I was a girl, Michael became Michelle.  It’s a sweet-ish story, but that’s where the sweetness has a bitter side as well.

See, due to this “delusion”, my dad wouldn’t allow others to hold me or really be around me out of fear. I was even told he once attacked my slightly older brother when I was an infant for trying to pet my head as I slept, and my dad knocked my brother across the room out of fear of “tainting” my innocence (yes a full blown delusion to the rest of the world, but a set-in-stone reality in my dad’s mind) –An impact that unfortunately would open the doors for much of my suffrage several years later after his passing when my brother became “big enough” to try settling scores with someone who was already dead. Therefore, my brother beat me instead.

In my family, mental health was rarely spoken of and never in depth. There were no sit-downs and open dialogue about how mental illness has impacted our family in the past, only that I had a 50/50 chance of inheriting my father’s illness.  This sent my life on a very paranoid, and many times, apathetic course since I was already experiencing many of life’s other trauma’s: childhood obesity, extreme bullying in all forms, domestic violence at the hands of my brother, self isolation, major depression diagnosed and untreated for more than a decade, severe anxiety disorder, and an eating disorder than led to a severely distorted perspective of my own self-image.  In short, I was dying. Inside and out.

Blessing in disguise

At age 10, I experienced my first episode of binding my body in hopes I wouldn’t be bullied for my size anymore, but of course, it didn’t help. Thankfully, about 2 years prior, my mother signed me up for martial arts classes.  I figured it would be a good idea considering my brother was getting bigger and stronger each day, and even at this young of an age, I knew my safety was always in jeopardy.  My brother had signed up and so I did too, not realizing how profound the lessons would become to me over the next several years.

My martial arts training became my solace from the emotional and mental distress I was experiencing outside of classes and tournament rings. It was my outlet during some of the most mentally and physically painful years of my young life; but at 15, this was not how I interpreted my existence. In fact, it was during this time I officially hit rock bottom in every way.  It was during this time, I had fell so deep into a depression and sense of hopelessness, I was contemplating and planning my own suicide. Greatly in danger of following my father’s fateful decision just 13 years prior.

Obviously and luckily, I survived that moment of time in my life.  I’m grateful to say the least since so many others aren’t as fortunate.  My survival wasn’t all a bed of roses, as it gave me a chance to change, it also gave me an insatiable anger problem, but at the same time, an immense determination to survive my other hardships…the bullying, the abuse I was experiencing at home, the emotional pain that kept me prisoner within my own mind and body, and learning the information I would need in order to change my way of thinking, and way of living if I ever stood a chance of not only surviving, but thriving in life.  To me, there was no choice,

Systematic exercise based cognitive therapy for depression and anxiety

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tell everyone I know who is suffering with symptoms contributed to a mental illness or disorder that if they are not incorporating a cardio-based exercise regimen into their treatment plan, they are subconsciously sabotaging their own recovery. Sad but true!  –And this has NOTHING to do with the ideal body shape and size. 

This type of fitness method is designed to benefit the brain directly and optimize how it performs everything from the smallest details and tasks to the most complex thoughts or problems, your memory, your response time…vital shit!  Mental clarity is key and the best way of achieving both, short-term and a long-term basis is to EXERCISE DAILY (once a week for 30 mins won’t cut it sweetie!)

The more severe and prevalent your symptoms are, the more time you should be committing to using physical fitness in combination with your treatment plan. 

Throughout my research, I have been disappointed to see how much importance and focus is continuously placed on VANITY within the mainstream health/fitness communities, and yet, they completely overlook the amazing benefits exercise provides neurologically and psychologically. Seriously, the benefits are endless!  This is a perception I want Polykinetics to change. Shift focus from vanity to vitality.

Remove completely the body-image obsessions that are responsible for many psychological disorders that we struggle with as a society today. Polykinetics teaches you how to feel instead of relying on what you visually see and also teaches how to use pain we all experience into an adaptive coping mechanism verses common maladaptive behaviors.

It will also eliminate the social bias, and reform the idea of using physical fitness to ease the suffering of mental illness and maybe then, we might actually start saving and changing lives, as well as, change how society looks at treatments for mental illnesses and disorders. One major goal within Polykinetics is to normalize those who struggle with these afflictions by removing the stigma completely.


Talk therapy is not enough for those suffering with symptoms

For over a year now, as I have been pushing forth with my research on Polykinetics and whatnot, and I have been seeing a term continuously pop up over the internet and it immediately caught my attention and enthusiasm….


…Now, I’m thinking, “wow, someone beat me to the punch” because that is exactly what I call Polykinetics, a “mental health first aid solution” because it is a physical technique that one who is suffering from symptoms can utilize at anytime, any place, that offers real-time relief when they have no other alternatives, and the best part is that there is a butt-load of research and evidence to back it up.  I often compare Polykinetics to an inhaler…saying what an inhaler is to an asthmatic, Polykinetics is to someone suffering from a panic attack or intrusive thoughts or compulsions to hurt themselves…etc.  This MHFA program compares itself to CPR…cute coincidence right? –And then, I took a closer look at the program details and saw that it was less a physical method and more educational/informational learning about identifying symptoms of mental illnesses and how to give advice/talk to friends/loved ones….a new mainstream form of talk therapy…a very educational one, great for mental health awareness, but….talk therapy none the less; which to MILLIONS of silent sufferers of trauma and mental illness is not even remotely effective in helping them when they need help most. 

Let me explain….

Many people, myself included, are not fond or, and often at times, completely avoid, verbally speaking out over and over about the gory and disgusting details of every traumatic event that has happened in my life.  I’m stubborn and full of pride, and I don’t want people having that kind of information about me, nor do I want to instigate any type of pity because that does no one any good. And this is why I believe Polykinetics to be so important to the world of mental health.  It is a vital technique that can physically save a life when “talk therapy” falls short….for example: Polykinetics is for the teen who’s locked in their room, who is dealing with persistent suicidal thoughts and fighting against physical compulsions of self-harm in the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep. Or for the combat soldier who wakes up every night with horrendous night terrors due to PTSD.  Both individuals are in critical need of help, but both individuals are physically alone with no one but themselves; and to me, that is when sufferers are most vulnerable to succumbing to their illnesses. During THOSE moments.  I have been in those moments many times in my life in the past, and they are truly terrifying.

People in THOSE situations need more than just talking and information about their illness….they need an actual real-time process to utilize in order to overcome the intensity of their symptoms. To help stop the intrusive thoughts or physical compulsions.  That is why Polykinetics is so vital and very different from the talk-therapy form of “mental health first aid”. –Now that is not to say that the talk-therapy form of “mental health first aid” is, in anyway, useless, because education is NEVER useless….Polykinetics just takes it a step further.  It is designed to be so simple to learn that the teen locked in their room and the combat soldier experiencing insomnia can utilize the Polykinetics method whenever they feel they may need it the most.  They don’t need anyone else but themselves to benefit from this method. –No friend, no family member, no certified instructor, no doctors…just themselves and a determination to fight against their struggles.

–They are the ones I think about most when pursuing to get the word out about Polykinetics.  They are the reason why I will never stop what I having been doing for the last several years…because their lives could very much depend on it. I say, enough talk…it’s time to put the peddle to the metal, roll up our sleeves and dive straight into the belly of the beast because that is the only way we, as a mental health community, will win this war against mental illness.  With massive action.


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via ScienceOfPeoplecom

Bullying seems to be on everyone’s mind (and blog) right now and as I read many poignant articles on the emotional and developmental impacts of bullying on young people, I wonder, what happens to the brain when teens are bullied?

First, some brain basics:

The ‘Anterior Cingulate Gyrus’ is the part of the brain that helps with two important bully-related functions. First, it moderates our fear response. For example, if a child gets threatened or pushed on the playground, this part of the brain goes into hyper drive—either calming them down or signaling their fight or flight adrenaline responders. Second, it plays a key role in our capacity for empathy. This is crucial in bullying situations to try to either understand where your bully is coming from or to learn social boundaries and guidelines. We know the areas of the brain that initiate empathy are different in teens today. According to a University of Michigan study of about 13,000 college students by Sarah Konrath at the Institute for Social Research, young people today, compared to students in the1970’s are 40% lower in empathy!

The Amygdala also responds to environmental emotional stimuli and helps us deal with stress.

Effects of Bullying on the Brain:

1) When these areas of the brain are over-active because of continued bullying or fear of being threatened in social situations they do not develop or function properly. When there is an overactive stress response system in the amygdala, due to continued bullying, teens can become more impulsive, aggressive and permanently anxious.

2) Researcher Martin Teicher also found that children who had suffered psychological abuse had smaller corpus callosums. They were on average 40% smaller. This leads to manic shifts in moods, trouble with social intelligence and makes it more difficult for teens to process what is happening around them and respond correctly.

3) There has also been studies that have shown that there is a decrease in blood flow to the cerebellar vermis in the brain stem which can cause impairment. Less blood flow in this area means depression, irritability and impaired attention in the teen.

4) Permanent stress, which is what many victims describe when they have a bully at school, also causes increased release of ‘norepinephrine.’ Under stress, this can lead to permanent anxiety or the inability to think clearly.

What does this mean for us? First, it gives us even more motivation to implement and build antibullying strategies (coming soon in upcoming posts). It also lets us know that there is a reason why bullying can alter a child’s moods or emotional states after an incident happens. As adults, we not only need to work to prevent bullying, but also take care to give teens the time and space to let their emotions, self-esteem and brain, properly recover.


Science of Parenting, Margot Sunderland



Last note…….

There is more than enough scientific evidence now to link childhood/adolescent abuse with long-term mental illness and disorders, many of which can be lifelong struggles. Please talk to your children about bullying, make the conversations frequent, and actively help the millions of people that are suffering everyday.